Upcoming and Recent Talks
Name Date Venue Title
Vishal Soni March 2016 APS March Meeting Shape Sensitive Assembly and Colloidal Superball Phase Transitions
Sofia Magkiriadou March 2016 APS March Meeting Collective dynamics of rotating colloidal particles
Noah Mitchell March 2016 APS March Meeting Fracture in sheets draped on curved surfaces
Stéphane Perrard 24 Nov 2015 APS DFD Meeting Decay of grid turbulence in a closed box
Martin Scheeler 23 Nov 2015 APS DFD Meeting Twist Helicity in Classical Vorticies
Hridesh Kedia 22 Nov 2015 APS DFD Meeting Vortex Knottiness in Superfluids
William Irvine 6 Dec 2012 Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Knots in Light and Fluids II
William Irvine 11 Sep 2012 Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Knots in Light and Fluid I
Articles and Preprints

Amorphous gyroscopic topological metamaterials

Noah P. Mitchell, Lisa M. Nash, Daniel Hexner, Ari Turner, William T. M. Irvine
arXiv:1612.09267 (2016)

Weaving knotted vector fields with tunable helicity

Hridesh Kedia, David Foster, Mark R. Dennis, William T. M. Irvine
arXiv:1610.02463 (2016)

Fracture in Sheets Draped on Curved Surfaces

Noah P. Mitchell, Vinzenz Koning, Vincenzo Vitelli, and W.T.M. Irvine
Nature Materials 10.1038/nmat4733 (2016)

How superfluid vortex knots untie

Dustin Kleckner, Louis H. Kauffman, and W.T.M. Irvine
Nature Physics 12, 7, 650-655 (2016)

Topological mechanics of gyroscopic metamaterials

Lisa M. Nash, Dustin Kleckner, Alismari Read, Vincenzo Vitelli, Ari M. Turner, and W.T.M. Irvine
PNAS 112 47, 14495-15000 (2015)

Shape-sensitive crystallization in colloidal superball fluids

Laura Rossi, Vishal Soni, Douglas J. Ashton, David J. Pine, Albert P.Philipse, Paul M. Chaikin, Marjolein Dijkstra, Stefano Sacanna, and W.T. M. Irvine
PNAS 112 17, 5286-5290 (2015)

Helicity conservation by flow across scales in reconnecting vortex links and knots

Martin W. Scheeler, Dustin Kleckner, Davide Proment, Gordon L. Kindlmann, and W.T.M. Irvine
PNAS 111 43, 15356-15361 (2014)
Featured on Cover

The life of a vortex knot

Dustin Kleckner, Martin W. Scheeler, and W.T.M. Irvine
Phys. Fluids 26, 091105 (2014)

Soft Epitaxy of Nanocrystal Superlattices

Sara Rupich, Fernando Castro, W.T.M. Irvine, and Dmitri Talapin
Nature Communications, 5, 5054 (2014)

Liquid crystals: Tangled loops and knots

W.T.M. Irvine and Dustin Kleckner
Nature Materials 13, 229-231 (2014)

Orientation-dependent measures of chirality

Efi Efrati and W.T.M. Irvine
Physical Review X 4, 011003 (2014)

The Life of a Vortex Knot

Dustin Kleckner, Martin Scheeler and W.T.M. Irvine
APS DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion, (2013)
Winner of the Milton van Dyke Award for outstanding artistic value and scientific content

Tying knots in light fields

Hridesh Kedia, Iwo Byalinizky-Birula, Daniel Peralta-Salas and W.T.M. Irvine
Physical Review Letters 111, 150404 (2013)
Featured on Cover

The geometry and topology of soft materials

Vincenzo Vitelli and W.T.M. Irvine
Soft Matter 9, 8086 (2013)

Dislocation Reactions, Grain Boundaries and Irreversibility in Two Dimensional Lattices using Topological Tweezers

W.T.M. Irvine, Andrew D. Hollingsworth, David G. Grier and Paul M. Chaikin
PNAS 110, 39 15544-15548 (2013)

Creation and dynamics of knotted vortices in fluid

Dustin Kleckner and W.T.M. Irvine
Nature Physics 9, 253-258 (2013)
Featured on Cover

Geometric background charge: dislocations on capillary bridges

W.T.M. Irvine and Vincenzo Vitelli
Soft Matter 8, 10123 (2012)

Fractionalization of interstitials in curved colloidal crystals

W.T.M. Irvine, M. Bowick and P.M. Chaikin
Nature Materials 11, 948951 (2012)

Linked and knotted beams of light, conservation of helicity and the flow of null electromagnetic fields

W.T.M. Irvine
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 43, 385203 (2010)

By the PI, pre-IrvineLab

Cubic crystals from cubic colloids

Laura Rossi, Stefano Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, Paul M. Chaikin, David J. Pine, and Albert Philipse
Soft Matter 7, 4139 (2011)
Featured on Cover

Lock and key colloids through polymerization-induced buckling of monodispersed silicon oil droplets

S. Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, L. Rossi, P.M. Chaikin, and D.J. Pine
Soft Matter 7, 1631 (2011)
Featured on Cover

Pleated crystals on curved surfaces

W.T.M. Irvine V.Vitelli and P.M. Chaikin
Nature 468, 947-951 (2010)

Lock and key colloids

S. Sacanna, W.T.M. Irvine, P.M. Chaikin and D.J. Pine
Nature 464, 575-578 (2010)
Lock and Key Colloids and Method of Manufacture, Patent Pending

Polychromatic photonic quasicrystal cavities

S.M. Thon, W.T.M. Irvine, Dustin Kleckner and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review Letters 104, 243901 (2010)

Diffraction-limited high-finesse optical cavities

D. Kleckner, W.T.M. Irvine, S. Oemrawsingh and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review A 81, 043814 (2010)

Strong coupling through optical positioning of a quantum dot in a photonic crystal cavity

S.M. Thon, M.T. Rakher, H. Kim, J. Gudat, W.T.M. Irvine , P.M. Petroff and D. Bouwmeester
Applied Physics Letters 94, 111115 (2009).

  Linked and knotted beams of light

W.T.M.Irvine and D. Bouwmeester
Nature Physics 4, 716-720 (2008)
Featured on Cover

  High Finesse Opto-Mechanical Cavity with a Movable Thirty-Micron-Size Mirror

D. Kleckner, W. Marshall, M.J.A. de Dood, N. Dinyari B. Pors, W.T.M. Irvine and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review Letters 96, 173901 (2006)

  Strong coupling between single photons in semiconductor micro-cavities

W.T.M. Irvine, K. Hennesey and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review Letters 96, 057405 (2006)

  Bloch theory of entangled photon generation in non-linear photonic crystals

W.T.M. Irvine, M.J.A. de Dood and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review A 72, 043815 (2005)

  Realisation of Hardy's thought experiment

W.T.M. IrvineJ.H. Hodelin, C. Simon and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review Letters 95, 030401 (2005)

  Nonlinear Photonic Crystals as a Source of Entangled Photons

M.J.A. de Dood, W.T.M. Irvine and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review Letters 93, 040504 (2003)

  Optimal Quantum Cloning on a Beam-splitter

W.T.M. Irvine, Antia Lamas Linares, M.J.A. de Dood and D. Bouwmeester
Physical Review Letters 92, 047902 (2003)

  Robust Long-Distance Entanglement and a Loophole-Free Bell Test with Ions and Photons

C.Simon and W.T.M. Irvine
Physical Review Letters 91, 110405 (2003)

  Generalised Bell Inequalities With Parametric Down-Conversion

Antia Lamas Linares, W.T.M. Irvine, John C. Howell and D. Bouwmeester
Quantum Information and Computation on line 3, Special pp 471-479 (2003)

  Quantum jumps in singly ionized magnesium

H.F. Powell, M.A. van Eijkelenborg, W.T.M. Irvine, D.M. Segal and R.C. Thompson,
Journal of Physics B 34, 1-12 (2001)

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